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Putter Style:

 one-off handmades are available

Head Weight:
 +/- 3 grams
Head Material:
Lie Angle:
 Any in .5 degree incriments
Loft Angle:
 1 to 5 degrees, in .25 dgree incriments
Shaft Length:
 in inches
Neck Style:
Neck Material:
Flow Neck
Stainless Carbon
Plumbers Neck
Stainless Carbon Titanium
Center Shaft Neck
Stainless Carbon
Neck Offset:
Even- Front edge of shaft even with the face
1/4- Front edge of shaft 1/8" in front of the face
1/2- Center shaft even with the face
3/4- Front edge of shaft 1/4" in front of the face
Full- Back edge of shaft even with the face
Toe Hang:
Note: Balance a putter that by your index finger about 1/2" above the neck and your other hand at the grip for balance, allowing the toe of the putter to hang freely. Now look at your putter like the face of a clock, if the putter is flat (horizontal with the ground) it would be 3:00, or face balanced if it is straight (90°to the ground if it is 6:00.) This is directly related to your putter stroke, if you have a straight back staight thru stroke then you are looking for a face balance putter. If you have a slight arc to your stroke then more toe hang is needed like 3:30 to 4:00. The more arc you have in your swing the more toe hang you need in your putter.
Head Finish:
Paint Fill:
Cavity Stamping:
Sole Stamping:
Other Stamping:
Face Milling:

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Head Cover Color:
Head Covers are 100% Quality Handcrafted Leather made in the USA.
Grip Color:
All custom NEAD putters now come standard with Montana cow Gripmaster grips of your color choice. You can ask about upgrades to Dearskin, Kangaroo, or Exotic grips in the "Other Requests" field below.
Other Requests: